Why me? Why did I receive a notice?

You received a notice because a copyrighted work we represent was detected in connection with your Internet account.

What are the benefits for me of settling?

The benefits of settling by the due date are as follows:

  • Easy way to end the problem
  • Cost-effective because another process leads to follow-up costs

Get legal advice if in doubt.

Will my privacy be protected if I settle?

We will not publicly publish your personal information unless a lawsuit is filed, in which case information contained in pleadings may become a matter of public record. Your personal information will be used solely in attempts to settle intellectual property infringement matters.

I don’t believe I infringed on a copyright, why did I receive a notice?

We usually find that the unauthorized distribution of a copyrighted work over your Internet access was the result of missuse of someone in the same household.

I have deleted the file on my computer. Isn’t that enough?

Unfortunately not. The illegal Offer was determined forensically and is already a while back.

I found the work(s) in question on the internet and thought they were free?

Lack of knowledge is not an excuse. We recommend only from reliable sources to download data.

What if I don’t have money to settle right now?

If there are reasonable conditions, it is sometimes possible to arrange an installment payment.

Can you tell me if more notices are on the way?

Any failure is a separate case and is processed individually.