Who we are

Contra Piracy is a quality mark in the fight against Internet piracy

We are a worldwide association engaged in the protection of content against illegal spreading on the Internet.

Contra Piracy is the people who know the value of intellectual property

members of our association come from the film, music, video games, software and other industries, and as creators, producers, broadcasters or operators they are aware of the fact that their work is particularly exposed to copyright infringement.

Contra Piracy implies activities in many places in the world

We offer services in the Germany, Poland, Brazil, United States, and other countries.

Contra Piracy has good roots

We are based in the canton of Zug in the heart of Switzerland.

What we do

We enforce efficiently

intellectual property law and thereby protect copyrighted products against illegal distribution and commercialisation on the Internet.

We guarantee an exchange of competences

We have established an international, efficiently working platform that links rights owners with service providers and lawyers.

We engage the best specialists

who monitor the Web and run bases of websites where Internet users have illegal access to copyrighted content.

We detect and remove

unlawfully distributed files, among other things owing to the “notice and takedown” procedure, scan and enter stream sources for removal.

We shape antipiracy strategy

and owing to cooperation with members in various parts of the world we assist the rights owners in enforcing their rights within the framework of various legal systems.

We support execution proceedings

Together with law experts, we support execution proceedings within the competent jurisdiction.


Contra Piracy arises from the need to take active measures against the illegal distribution of protected works on the Internet. Similarly, the association expects its members against brand and product piracy.


What we can do for you

Owing to the scale of our operations and an extended network of contacts we ensure services tailored to your needs.
Do you suspect that anybody illegally spreads a film you have rights to, or that pieces of music you have composed are beyond your control on the Web?

We face up to the biggest challenges. We concentrate on the areas that particularly favour Internet piracy:

P2P file sharing

We offer assistance in identifying users who make contents available for public use; obtain the ISP name and the address where an infringement has been committed; issue a letter where we request a sum of damages and cost  reimbursement.

Web hosting services

We identify an illegal source on file hosting platforms, follow the “notice and takedown” procedure; work with technical providers who can operate a big number of illegal sources, and thereby we ensure the protection of contents on a global scale since the date of issue.


We follow the "notice and takedown” procedure; in the test stage – we use the solutions that are designed for real identification of file downloaders so that the rights owner could supervise the scale of illegal distribution of their content.

Upcoming events

Press and dates

Do you represent media and would like to obtain more information on Contra Piracy? 


Our joint challenge
– Internet piracy

It is difficult to imagine life beyond the Internet and overestimate its merits.
At the same time the whole Web has become the venue where a huge number of infringements of rights and interests occurs – this is favoured by easy and quick communication and by the anonymity of entrants. 

The infringements apply mostly to intellectual property rights, which are exceptionally exposed on account of their non-material nature.

Polish people use illegal websites that offer video contents
(acc. to the report by PwC Polska sp. z o.o.
Analiza wpływu zjawiska piractwa treści wideo na gospodarkę w Polsce z 2014 r. [Analysis of an impact of video content piracy on Poland’s economy in 2014])

of P2P transfers in networks are used for illegal file transfer
(acc. to a Business Software Alliance report)

PLN 700’000’000
it is the sum of annual losses allegedly caused in Poland by downloading films from unauthorised Web sources
(acc. to the report by PwC Polska sp. z o.o.)

over 50%
by this figure piracy may increase
by 2018 if the current growth tendency is followed
(acc. to the report by PwC Polska sp. z o.o.)

over 235’000’000
this is the number of requests submitted to Google for removing content search results in 2013
(acc. to the TorrentFreak website)

such was the world’s indicator of illegal copies of programs installed on users’ computers in 2013
(acc. to a BSA report)

USD 63’000’000’000
such was the value of illegal software used by users in 2013
(acc. to a BSA report)


We offer custom anti-piracy concepts!

Are looking for something extra? 
We can offer non-standard solutions!

We act comprehensively – from consultations, through mobilisation and actions, to reporting!

That does Contra Piracy 

Contra Piracy arises from the need to take active measures against the illegal distribution of protected works on the Internet. Similarly, the association expects its members against brand and product piracy. Contra Piracy is a neutral platform that allows exchange of skills to members and protects the products from the rights holders with the uncontrolled illegal distribution and marketing on the Internet. 

Contra Piracy was founded in May 2009 with the aim to operate active anti-piracy. The members and cooperation partners are rights holders, companies from the online content area, professionals and businesses with piracy-fighting background and experience. Monitoring, tracing, intervention and enforcement rights are just as important as to declaration and public relations. 

Provide to our members and / or we mediate diverse services related to copyright.

Prevention, management, actions
– these three notions best describe our major services.

it consists of

  • copyright protection measures
  • digital watermarks
  • protection of a complete production chain
  • misuse prevention in on-line business

Intellectual property right management on the Internet

Active fighting with Internet piracy
it includes

  • the “notice and takedown” procedure dedicated to e-service providers
  • antipiracy campaigns
  • awareness training courses
  • cooperation with international agencies and organisations


Konrad Studerus


Toni Casagrande

Vice President

Fredy Gerber


Patrick Storchenegger

Corporate Counsel

Richard M. Schneider

Secretary General

Ulrich Bruckner

Representant USA

Dr. Ulrich Reber

Film & Games Europe Middle East Asia (EMEA)

Dr. Oliver Berg

Representant Frankreich

Jeff Shoot

Representant Canada

Rolf B. Schudel


International exercise of intellectual property rights

Protection of your property on the Web
– find an efficient way!

Your regular work takes up so much of your time that you not always can afford to see to it that your property and your rights to it are protected on the Web. If that is the case, your works or contents, to which you gained the rights, can easily be unlawfully spread on the Internet. 

Actions aimed at Internet piracy are effective only when the following three elements meet:

  • comprehensive know-how
  • appropriate tools and resources
  • specialists and service providers representing diversified industries. 

All these Contra Piracy has at its disposal!

Arrange everything in one place. Save precious time. Save your money. Lincoln’s advertisement “The Lincoln Star”.

Contra Piracy means the following to you:

  • Global control over everything owing to a single contract 
  • Comprehensive, cyclic reporting 
  • One payment for a whole package of actions
  • Access to expert knowledge, which you can use within the international organisation 
  • Experience of members coming from many countries in the world 


Why me? Why did I receive a notice?

Why me? Why did I receive a notice?

You received a notice because a copyrighted work we represent was detected in connection with your Internet account. 

What are the benefits for me of settling?

What are the benefits for me of settling?

The benefits of settling by the due date are as follows:

  • Easy way to end the problem
  • Cost-effective because another process leads to follow-up costs

Get legal advice if in doubt.

Will my privacy be protected if I settle?

Will my privacy be protected if I settle?

We will not publicly publish your personal information unless a lawsuit is filed, in which case information contained in pleadings may become a matter of public record. Your personal information will be used solely in attempts to settle intellectual property infringement matters. 

I don't believe I infringed on a copyright, why did I receive a notice?

I have deleted the file on my computer. Is that not enough?

I have deleted the file on my computer. Is that not enough?

Unfortunately not. The illegal Offer was determined forensically and is already a while back.

I found the work(s) in question on the Internet and thought they were free?

I found the work(s) in question on the Internet and thought they were free?

Lack of knowledge is not an excuse. We recommend only from reliable sources to download data.

What if I don't have money to settle right now?

What if I don't have money to settle right now?

If there are reasonable conditions, it is sometimes possible to arrange an installment payment.

Can you tell me if more notices are on the way?

Can you tell me if more notices are on the way?

Any failure is a separate case and is processed individually.


Are you interested in our services?
Would you yourself like to fight with Internet Piracy by becoming a member of Contra Piracy? We shall send you Membership Declaration.
To receive it – it is enough to write: info@contrapiracy.org

Membership of Contra Piracy
– only bonuses!


Antipiracy strategy tailored to your needs

Owing to the cooperation with intellectual property rights owners throughout the world we have contacts as well as a knowledge and experience of facing up to various challenges!

Anonymity ensured

Contra Piracy operates on its own behalf and therefore an intellectual property rights owner does not need to reveal their data to the person who infringes their right (although it does not apply to every jurisdiction).

Receipts for members

The members can enjoy Contra Piracy receipts generated owing to execution proceedings.

Wise cost management

Contra Piracy is a non-profit organization, therefore it does not count on commercial success. We work very cost-conscious to the benefit of all members.


If you belong to the circles of creators, publishers, producers or you have authorisation for copyright management – contact us!

We shall customise solutions to meet your needs, and we also shall protect your property on the Web against making it available illegally, namely films – including serials – computer programs, games, e-books, music files and everything which can be described as digital content. 

We can prepare for you the following within the scope of our services:

  • Presentation on the scale of Internet piracy throughout the world or in a particular country where you have your rights 
  • Exhaustive report on the size of illegal circulation of contents of your choice
  • Specific guidelines for antipiracy actions for products indicated by the owner 
  • Evaluation of, and pricing for efficient protection. 

We welcome new members and assist you with our expertise at your disposal.

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