Worldwide Association for intellectual property

Contra Piracy is a quality mark in the fight against Internet piracy

We are a worldwide association engaged in the protection of content against illegal spreading on the Internet.

Contra Piracy is the people who know the value of intellectual property

Members of our association come from the film, music, video games, software and other industries, and as creators, producers, broadcasters or operators they are aware of the fact that their work is particularly exposed to copyright infringement.

Contra Piracy implies activities in many places in the world

We offer services in the Germany, Poland, Brazil, United States, and other countries.

Contra Piracy has good roots

We are based in the canton of Zug in the heart of Switzerland.

What we do

We enforce efficiently

intellectual property law and thereby protect copyrighted products against illegal distribution and commercialisation on the Internet.

We guarantee an exchange of competences

We have established an international, efficiently working platform that links rights owners with service providers and lawyers.

We engage the best specialists

who monitor the Web and run bases of websites where Internet users have illegal access to copyrighted content.

We detect and remove

unlawfully distributed files, among other things owing to the “notice and takedown” procedure, scan and enter stream sources for removal.

We shape antipiracy strategy

and owing to cooperation with members in various parts of the world we assist the rights owners in enforcing their rights within the framework of various legal systems.

We support execution proceedings

Together with law experts, we support execution proceedings within the competent jurisdiction.

What we can do for you

Owing to the scale of our operations and an extended network of contacts we ensure services tailored to your needs. Do you suspect that anybody illegally spreads a film you have rights to, or that pieces of music you have composed are beyond your control on the Web?

We face up to the biggest challenges. We concentrate on the areas that particularly favour Internet piracy:

P2P file sharing

We offer assistance in identifying users who make contents available for public use; obtain the ISP name and the address where an infringement has been committed; issue a letter where we request a sum of damages and cost reimbursement.

Web hosting services

We identify an illegal source on file hosting platforms, follow the “notice and takedown” procedure; work with technical providers who can operate a big number of illegal sources, and thereby we ensure the protection of contents on a global scale since the date of issue.


We follow the „notice and takedown” procedure; in the test stage – we use the solutions that are designed for real identification of file downloaders so that the rights owner could supervise the scale of illegal distribution of their content.

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Contra Piracy arises from the need to take active measures against the illegal distribution of protected works on the Internet. Similarly, the association expects its members against brand and product piracy.

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